Unique Jewelry Celebrating Your Favorite Artists

Celebrate Your Favorite Music Artist…
Starpicks tells the world in a unique and fashionable way who’s music you love. More subtle than a T-Shirt yet just as eye catching, starpicks are a mini -banner for cheering for your favorite artist. And it is more than a name. It is unique in the fact that it is a legitimate guitar pick with the artists logo or name on it. Some even have the artists picture on it.

More than just a name…
Starpicks are handmade and one of a kind. Each guitar pick is artfully placed on antique metal or enameled medium and wrapped with a colored silk ribbon. Some of these guitar picks are highly designed works of art in themselves, but place them on a “Wrap On The Wrist” design and you have a very uncommon piece of jewelry that tells the world “I wanna rock!”


Are you an Elvis fan? Starpicks has several Elvis guitar pick products to choose from. The King Of Rock N’ Roll made a huge impact on the music world and the culture of the United States. Elvis remains a vital influence on rock, country, gospel and soul artists the world over, and in the years since his untimely death, the mythology surrounding him has grown to epic proportions. Celebrate the King by wearing his Starpick, emphasis on “STAR.”

Have a Look…

Find the perfect Starpick wrap on the wrist to attend your next concert with. When you raise your hands in the air to cheer, let everyone know you are a fan with your handmade Starpick. Contact us for special requests for your personalized Starpick. If your favorite band is not in our list we will custom make one for you. And if you were lucky enough to catch a pick from your favorite artist, what better way to celebrate your good luck than to have a custom made Starpick made with your very own pick. One of a kind. Uncommon. Fashionable, Fun. STARPICKS.

Coming Soon!

STARPICKS are currently in development. Check Back soon for more STARPICKS!

Henry Gross